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Learning something new is a great feeling.
The feeling of progress!

It is our belief that children should be in full-time education and this educational programme is designed to re-energise learners and help them re-integrate back into school life. We work carefully to make sure everybody has an opportunity and we work intensively with learners that have been permanently excluded.


Prudentia works closely with parents, carers, schools, referral agencies and support agencies. Utilising strategic meetings and pastoral support, we are able to stabilise and then improve learner performance. 


We believe that in order to succeed academically, learners must improve softer skills such as time keeping, behaviour, confidence, motivation and self-discipline.  Development in these areas will be charted within learner ILP’s alongside academic performance to monitor progressions and will be incentivised by rewards set by the learners themselves.


Prudentia will also provide access to support agencies such as Merseyside Youth Association and Young Addaction, with learners also able to view performances covering Child Sexual Exploitation, Safeguarding, Gun and Knife Crime and Gang Culture.


If your child is aged 14 – 16 years and not in education at present and you would like them to attend at our provision; you should contact Jacqui Wilkie at the Liverpool Local Authority Alternative Provision Team.


Please note that you may not be offered a place at Prudentia Education, if the fair access panel believe that your child’s needs will be best met by another education provider.


If you need any further details about our provision, please contact Christian by clicking here .

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