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British Values at Prudentia Education  

British values are important to staff and learners at Prudentia Education. We consider the values of Prudentia Education and British values and use them to form the basis of our education activities and strengthen our aim to support our learners to become conscientious citizens within their local and wider communities and throughout Great Britain. 

We embed these values and beliefs in all of our organisation’s activities on and off site and promote and celebrate the diversity within British society. 

Prudentia Education follows the DFE guidance, which was published in 2014/15, which is to promote British values in Schools and Colleges and to ensure that young people leave school well prepared for life in modern Britain. 

The five part definition of British values is as follows: 

  • Democracy 

  • The Rule of Law 

  • Individual Liberty 

  • Mutual Respect 

  • Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs 


Prudentia Education Values are: 

  • Nurturing learners and staff in a welcoming, safe and supportive culture 

  • Inspiring our young people and staff to recognise their strengths and work hard to address areas for development 

  • Caring and respecting others, yourselves and the environment 

  • Educating our young people to be helpful, honest and open 

  • Resilience: building a positive and ‘can do’ attitude to overcome any difficulties 

  • Recognising all of these values, we aim to ensure that all staff and learners at Prudentia Education promote mutual respect, tolerance and inclusion for everyone, regardless of background so that no person or group is treated less favourably than others. 

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