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At Prudentia Education we value a home school partnership that continues to develop the full potential of every child. We feel that it is important to get parents views on our centre.


We use the information collected to help plan for the future. The results and any actions taken are reported to our steering committee and published here on our website.



"My son says its like a little family."


"My daughter loves it here, she is much happier now."


"My son has bonded well with the staff here."

"Staff are responsive and caring. They understand the needs
of their young people and support them emotionally."

"We are grateful for the support, care and humour displayed by Prudentia staff."

"The staff and management are professional, competent and caring."

"Staff are responsive to the needs of the kids and supportive in all
areas of their leaning, development and maturation."

"Prudentia programmes are flexible and the tutors find progression opportunities for them to move on to."

"The staff are always available to help you, even at weekends
and during holidays. I know I can ask for help any time."

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