CEIAG Entitlement Statement for Learners, Parents and Carers 



All learners at Prudentia Education will: 

Take part in a careers programme in years 7-12 that helps them to: 

  • •Understand their education, training, employment and other progression opportunities 

  • Develop the skills they need to plan and manage their own personal development and career progression 

  • Be able to make an appointment with a member of staff or specialist adviser to discuss their own future prospects 

  • Access relevant information and learning from taster activities and valuable engagement with employers 

  • Offer feedback and ideas on how to improve the careers programme 


Have access to, and support with using careers information that is: 

  • Easy to find and available at convenient times and in convenient locations, i.e. ICT room, Prudentia noticeboards and meeting room. 

  • Independent and accessible at home (National Careers Service) 

  • Current and impartial 


Obtain careers guidance that is: 

  • Impartial 

  • Confidential 

  • Focused on individual needs and aspirations 

  • Supportive of equal opportunities 

  • Provided by people with relevant training and expertise 



All parents and carers can expect to: 

  • Have access to tutors, subjects, learning partners and specialist advisers at events 

  • Be able to make an appointment with a member of staff or specialist adviser to discuss their child’s future prospects 

  • Receive invitations to take part in careers events 

  • Find information on our website outlining detailing the careers programme for Y7-12 

  • Have the opportunity to comment on the effectiveness of the careers programme for their children and how it could be improved 


Produced date: August 2018 

Version number: 2

Reviewed by: SLT August 2019 

Approval Date: August 2019

Review Date: August 2021