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Declan Mensah



When Declan first joined Prudentia Education, he was involved in anti-social behaviour both in and outside of the local community. Declan immediately grabs your attention with his imposing height, but what we saw quite quickly was the respect he showed to his peers and staff. Declan was determined to put his past behind him and focus on his future, something all of us at Prudentia Education were keen to help him with. 

Declan became a popular member of the cohort at Prudentia, despite being younger than many of his peers, Declan was always extremely focused on his career path, wanting to be involved in the Mixed Martial Arts industry, he knew what he wanted and was set on achieving his goal. 

We attend MASDA GYM for one of our extra-curricular activities and Declan was noticed straight away by employees at MASDA for his work ethic and commitment to the sport. Declan started attending MASDA of an evening, whilst keeping on track with his education during the day at Prudentia Education. It was clear to see the improvements Declan had made and these were often identified in his individual learning plans (ILP) and verbally via phone calls to a pleased parent. 

Declan left us at Prudentia having achieved all his qualifications. He went on to further education to study Sport and Mixed Martial Arts at MASDA GYM, which was a full-time combined course. Declan was kind enough to provide us with an update via video at his new placement.

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